Instead let us take charge! We think when it comes down to it , it is all about the people: Each other, family, your favorite ones surrounding you on the best day ever. We want you to have an awesome party and enjoy every part of it, without being distracted by all the details and anything that might not go as planned. We've done this before and we kind of have it down. 


This basically is the Don't-worry-about-ANYTHING package. We take you by the hand and make planning your wedding fun and exciting. We've got this—all you need to do is make a few choices: champagne or Cava, long or short dress, carnival act or accordion orchestra, you know, the important stuff. We take care of all the details and you can be involved as much as you like. 


This package is perfect for couples that have planned everything on their own, but need a coordinator to pull together the final details and run the event so they can relax and enjoy their wedding day. We get hands on about a month before the wedding date, but offer referrals, handy planning tools and great planning advice through the entire planning process. Contact us for pricing and specifics.