Designing a wedding is more than just copying your favorite Pinterest ideas. As designers our main goal is to translate the true identity of the couple in the design of the event. We love meaningful touches that tell stories. We love surprise performances. We’d love including the  talents of your friends and family. We want to learn about the songs that make your cry, that last trip you took together, your first date. We love all forms of art, be it: visual, audio, three dimensional or graphic. We love textures, backdrops and tiny little secrets. Ideally you will look back at your wedding and think: this was so ‘us’.

MOOI} is an independent production company and can be hired to plan and design any type of event. We would love to get together and design your next awesome party, adventure or shower.  Contact us for a free consult and we will put together a custom quote for your event. Packages include: Design Consultation, A Makers Party, Full Design and more.